April Call Topics: Note back to original time


by Grace Rachmany

March 30, 2021

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Weekly calls are open participation calls where we discuss issues facing communities and individuals who are founding communities, community governance and community currencies. Please feel free to suggest topics that you are dealing with in your community and startup.

Calls moved to the original time:  5 pm Central European Time on Wednesdays.

You can add them below or send directly to grace@daoleadership.com.

To add the call to your calendar:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMtc-ysrT8qHNf-txIFZnUn6_oe5wJYT7GN

April topics:

April 7:  Open Source Funding. Free software, corporate funding, forking and other oddities of the open open source communities.

April 14: Identity, Data Rights. A week in advance of the Spring Internet Identity Workshop, let’s talk self-sovereign identity.

April 21: NFTs. WTF? Seems everyone is talking about NFTs. How can these be used in community?  (Anyone want to host /moderate this one?)

April 28: Regenerative Currencies with Guests: SEEDS and Regen Networks. How do regenerative / ecological currencies really help?