Family Regeneration Project


The Family Regeneration Project is a one-year living-learning program for a family of four to spend time in an ecovillage or permaculture project in Europe. The program includes full room and board at the village in a standard living arrangement–the same as the families who live there. The guest family will participate in the daily life and activities of the ecovillage, learning about regenerative and sustainable living.

We will be accepting only 5 families into this program for 2021, probably starting with the 2021-2022 school year. This is a pilot program in collaboration with ecovillages in Europe, designed to fund the Sufficiency Currency Project while providing an enriching development opportunity for families looking for a change of pace from their regular lifestyle. All communities participating in the program have opportunities for attendance at local schools in the local language as well as home-schooling.

The program takes care of visas and living arrangements, as well as providing a series of development and transitional workshops to onboard families into the communities. The programs provide mindset and communications training that upgrade skills of the participants. The focus of the program is on self-development through experience.

The Family Regeneration Project is for families of up to 4-5 people  who are looking to take a year of learning and development. We take care of your visa requirements, placing you in the communities, and providing training for acclimation to the communities. This is an elite program with a cost of $250,000 for the family for the year. We can only accept 5 families for 2021-2022. The video and the page below describe the program and the application process.

Who can apply?

The first year pilot program will involve 5-10 organizations including Ecovillages, urban commons and intentional communities in Europe, creating a collaboration for sharing among them. The project plan is under discussion between the VoH, Gen-Europe and other coalition partners. If you are interested in getting involved please reach out to join our fortnightly calls. Contact us directly at

  • You (and your family) should be open to developing yourselves emotionally to learn to live with others in a community setting. The program is designed for your personal development as individuals and as a family, so you will receive support (included support in the form of quarterly personal development workshops and communications coaching. We can arrange optional additional family therapy packages by request).
  • You should be excited about the opportunity to learn more about eco-farming and permaculture, and to live with and participate in an agricultural community setting. You will be staying at a community under the same conditions as a community member—it is not a luxury accommodation but you will have private rooms and hot running water.
  • You should be easily able to afford the tuition for the year ($250,000 for a family, including room and board.)
  • You recognize that most of the tuition is going towards the Sufficiency Currency project as the seed round for this “startup”. This is a transvestment—meaning we are moving money from the profit-bearing economy to the impact-bearing economy. As a participant, we’re happy to have your input but you are not an investor in the “startup”. You’re doing your share of “impact investing”, where the return on investment is sustainable community, not profit.
  • No custody issues. Families can look different ways, but we are not set up to handle any custodial issues, so all custodial parents must participate in the programs. We will be flexible in making different types of arrangements, mixed families, separate bedrooms, etc. as long as there is no geographical separation of custodians from their children.

During the year, you’ll be living in an intentional community in Europe and learning about permaculture and community living. We will work together to set up a location that works for you, whether that involves local schools for your children, good internet connections (or off the grid—your preference), language preferences, etc.

Application process

You are applying for the Family Regeneration Project, a year-long living and learning program for yourself and your family. In 2021 we anticipate having room for a maximum of 6 families in the program. You must be able to afford the annual tuition of $200,000-$300,00 for your family (tuition includes room and board).

Video explaining the process.

The application process is designed as follows:

  • Fill in the short Expression of Interest form (15 minutes).
  • After reading your form, we will set a short call (15-30 minutes) for us to get to know one another.
  • If we both feel your family is a good fit for the program, fill in the long Application Form together with your family.
  • After we review the long form together with host communities, if you are a good fit, we will set a long-form interview (60-90 minutes).
  • You may request additional interviews, or set up a Q&A session with members of some of the potential host communities.
  • If you are accepted as one of the 5 families for the project, we will send you a contract to sign and pay a $10,000 non-refundable deposit. The deposit confirms your place as one of the 5 families who will receive an offer at the end of the research phase.
  • The deposit will serve for legal, business, logistics, travel and time for setting up the Family Regeneration Project. This is similar to any seed funding for a feasibility study. You can check the blog to see our current progress—we have so far had widespread support from the communities in the European Ecovillage community so we anticipate it to be feasible, but we cannot guarantee that.
  • At the end of the Feasibility study (expected completion February 2020), you will receive a contract for a one-year learning and living program in an ecovillage or intentional community in Europe. We will do our best to match you to a community that fits your needs, and if possible, we may offer more than one option. The expected cost of the 1-year program will be $200,000-$300,000 for a family of 4 people, including accommodation, food, and education for an entire year. All conditions will be stipulated in the contract.

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Grace gets s*** done, crawls through the trenches and walks the talk. Excited to see her develop the standard for communal best practices.

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Grace’s coaching and team management “does compute”. She provides clear guidance for self-reflection and communication that can be defined as sign-posts, process, and used for both personal growth as well as for bringing forward teams and organizations who are collaborating in highly dynamic, global settings

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Grace brings together rich content, deep discussion and a varied group of people for her projects and workshops. It was comforting to see more people struggling with the complexity of futuristic models and their potential. I am confident that I can now better support the communities I am a member of in their transition away from money-monoculture.

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