January Call Topics


by Grace Rachmany

December 31, 2020

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Weekly calls are open participation calls where we discuss issues facing communities and individuals who are founding communities, community governance and community currencies. Please feel free to suggest topics that you are dealing with in your community and startup. You can add them below or send directly to grace@daoleadership.com.

To add the call to your calendar:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMtc-ysrT8qHNf-txIFZnUn6_oe5wJYT7GN

January topics:

January 6: Currency Governance. Who should manage and govern community currencies? How do you get a group using a currency educated enough that they can take full responsibility for the currency? What decisions need to be made and how to do you ensure good stewardship and good-faith use of the currency?

 January 13: UBI Currencies: how does that work? Recently a number of cryptocurrencies are promising UBI. Trustlines, Circles, MyUBI, GoodDollar, etc. But how does it work? How can you create enough backing in goods and vendors who will honor the community currency to make it work? What do you do about the inequality in demand for food/home repairs/clothing versus other products?

January 20: Food Based Currencies. How do we help farmers and increase local food production and self-sufficiency using currency design? If farmers need advances for seed and fertilizer from outside the community, how can we use a community currency to solve those problems? Can a food currency make it easier to hire people locally and then cause them to buy local harvest?

January 27: Design Features of Local Currencies: What design features should be built into local currencies? .


Ideas for February Topics: Please contact me, comment below, or join the telegram group to propose topics. Our policy for topic suggestions is that all are accepted unless there is a material objection by a member of the discussion group.