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by Grace Rachmany

July 5, 2021

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We are resuming our weekly calls, renamed the Future of Currency calls. We’ll resume at our regular Wednesday time, 5 pm Central European (Summer) Time.

 Please watch the video below to prepare for the call July 7th and click the link below to register for the call.

SIGN UP for the calls here:

Weekly calls are open participation calls where we discuss the future of economics, democracy, currency and… well, whatever topics we decide we want to discuss. Each month we come up with new topics for the next month.

For July we’ll be PLAYING GAMES! The first game is a kind of improvisation game where we look at different possible futures  and discuss how these different scenarios would pan out in the area of governance, economy and culture.


Leading the call July 7 will be the wonderful Letty Ger. The game is described here: