July-August Weekly Call Topics


by Grace Rachmany

July 20, 2021

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Weekly calls are open participation calls where we discuss issues facing communities and individuals who are founding communities, community governance and community currencies. Please feel free to suggest topics that you are dealing with in your community and startup.

Calls moved to the original time:  5 pm Central European Time on Wednesdays.

You can add them below or send directly to grace@daoleadership.com.

To add the call to your calendar:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0uf-Gvqz4oGtEyZN23YsnoOiNfxkN3CnBC

July-August Topics:

July 21:  Governing Governance / Oversight. Self-healing governance, self-improving governance. What kinds of checks and balances would you implement in your governance system? How do we build governance oversight?

July 28: Robust decision-making. Robust vs. frail decision making: how to mitigate the ridiculous hybrid or terrible decisions when involving too many parties. Example: Icelandic constitution

August 4: Large-scale coordination. What would a non-monetary system of coordination look like? Scenario: Building a computer. How would a supply chain based on reputation or non-monetary transactions look?

August 11: Alec’s DAO Discussion: DAO projects for a Multisig Exchange, discussions on practical implementations.

August 18: Energy scenario with Angel: what if we experienced a major energy breakdown? Scenarios.

August 25: Censorship currents. As we’ve discussed, good information is key to good governance and decision-making. What can we do about censorship and filter bubble for ourselves and our communities?