The Sufficiency Currency Project offers a new approach to sustainable economies that provide security for the provision of people’s basic needs. Underlying the project is the assumption that the purpose of society is to sustain the well-being of every individual in the society.

Rather than growth as a measure of health of an economy, the Sufficiency Currency measures economic health as the ability of the economy to support the needs of all the individuals in the economy. Growth is measured in terms of the economy’s ability to sustain and satisfy more people.

The following video gives a description of the Sufficiency Currency. You may also read the whitepaper.

Funding for the Sufficiency Currency pilot will be provided by the Family Regeneration project. Find out more and apply here.


If some of the ideas seem difficult to grasp or just outrageous, the background section is for you. We’ve been doing currency design and crypto work for a few years now, and we recognize that some of the terminology and concepts need more background to understand.

Money vs. Currency

In the currency design discipline, we don’t use the words “money” and “currency” interchangeably.

  • We use the term “Currency” to refer to any measure that a group makes visible. “Current-See”. Companies use currencies called KPIs to understand the health of the organization.
  • People use different forms of currency every day to represent value and understand how to interact with other people and communities. Examples include online reviews, university degrees, “likes”, followers, infection rates, air quality indices etc.

Market Economics Alternatives

Market economics is one way that people have invented for distribution of goods. It isn’t the only way. Money is a human invention. It’s not like air. People can, and did, live without it. It’s probable that some other technology will replace money and market trading because eventually every technology becomes outdated. We aren’t talking about moving from gold to cash to cards to bitcoin—we mean that all forms of market exchange will be replaced by something else.

Pools before Markets

Markets and exchange are a proven form of communication that allows people to transfer goods and services globally. Markets don’t address issues of the people in society who don’t have goods and services to offer: children, elderly or disabled members of society.

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We’ve been doing currency design and crypto work for a few years now, and we recognize that some of the terminology and concepts need more background to understand. Subscribe to updates or join our weekly calls to learn more!

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“The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be”

The First Year Pilot

The first year pilot program will involve 5-10 organizations including Ecovillages, urban commons and intentional communities in Europe, creating a collaboration for sharing among them. The project plan is under discussion between the VoH, Gen-Europe and other coalition partners. If you are interested in getting involved please reach out to join our fortnightly calls. Contact us directly at

Three Currencies

Sufficiency is the measure of what an individual or community has to offer and what they need for sustenance. Do all members have the shelter, food, electricity, supplies you need to perform your function in the society?

STATUS (2023)

The Sufficiency Currency Project has created a one-year plan and presented it to the GEN-Europe group. During November and December we have scheduled a series of meetings with GEN-EU to discuss the details. Once we have a plan and funding in place, research will start. We have been conducting online simulations. Please reach out to if you are interested in joining role-playing simulations.

You can download the draft of the plan here:


Funding for the Sufficiency Currency Project will be through the Family Regeneration Project.




Updates on the Sufficiency Currency are discussed Wednesdays at 5 pm Central European Time and recordings are posted on the Blog.