December Call Topics Sufficiency Currency


by Grace Rachmany

December 4, 2020

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Weekly calls are open participation calls where we discuss issues facing communities and individuals who are founding communities. Please feel free to suggest topics that you are dealing with in your community and startup. You can add them below or send directly to

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December topics:


December 9: Change my Mind. Grace thinks that Community like mutual credit and time banks and CICs will NEVER result in a society where everyone has sufficient resources (which is why she’s creating sufficiency Pools). Please join for a lively and enjoyable debate. Rules of the game: no insulting anyone personally, no taking anything personally. You should be resilient and able to handle lively differences of opinions where people don’t have to be particularly polite to one another and we all have a good laugh and a virtual hug despite our difference.


December 16: What a long, strange trip it’s been. Travel stories and experiences in Ecovillage. For those who want to hear about my travels across Europe during the apocalypse. Join for storytelling and Q&A.


December 23: Sufficiency Currency Pool Naming and discussion. Is the naming of sufficiency currency sufficient? We discuss the name and answer questions about the Sufficiency Currency itself.


 December 30: Heathen AMA: For those who do not consider the birth of Christ reason for celebration, or who do but haven’t taken the week off, or who go by the Orthodox rather than Catholic or Reformation calendars, we’ll hang out and Ask one another Anything.


January topics: UBI community currencies, design features of local currencies, governance of currencies, food based currencies.